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What is
Hair Transplant?

Hair Transplant is a procedure that aims to restore and replace lost hair in human’s scalp. Hair loss, which is also called alopecia, can be a genetic disorder or caused by a specific disease or medication, or even by stress. This problem might affect men and women alike, and might not be reversed by reversing the problem’s risk factors. A long-term hair loss, pattern baldness, or even hair thinning, can be a cause of more distress and loss of confidence for many, thus, a hair restoration surgery becomes a necessity for self-confidence and lively spirit of youth.

What is

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE), is a minimally invasive surgery where small grafts of hair from all around the scalp are harvested, to be then implanted into the bald area of the scalp. This procedure results in less pain, discomfort, and bleeding than other procedures, since the hair follicles are taken from scattered locations in the scalp. Also, owing to the follicular units taken from everywhere around the scalp, the scars resulting are not concentrated in one area, and do not require sutures to be closed. Nevertheless, to succeed with this procedure, a larger area of scalp hair is needed to be harvested.

Step By Step 


Step 1 Consultation: Operation Plan & Hairline Design

Step 2 Preparation: Haircut & Local Anesthesia

Step 3 Extraction: Extracting hair follicles from donor areas

Step 4 Incision: Opening channels for transplantation

Step 5 Transplantation: Implanting hair follicles to affected area

Step 6 Post Operative Procedures: Cleaning & PRP

Step 7 Post Operational Care & Hair Wash: Hair wash process and other instructions help recovery.

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No scar! No stitches! 98% success with Natural Results!

  • With FUE method, patients get intensive & natural looking hair.
  • It is a solution for incipient and advanced hair loss.
  • This technique is comfortable for patients because they fell less pain and after the operation, they have no scars, incision marks, or stitches.
  • After FUE, patients get a fast recovery; patients can turn back to their normal life and travel the day after.
  • With the right operation plan, there will be no damage on the donor area and no change in appearance even after multiple operations..

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Frequently Asked

Do you offer a lifetime guarantee for hair transplantation?

Yes, we give warranty document after the operation. We confirm that transplanted hair follicles bound with your skin and once they are healed, they will not fall or die. Transplanted hair will grow as your natural hair, and you will have a natural look.

The warranty will be valid unless you are exposed to any cancer therapies such as chemotherapy, radiotherapy or any other diseases and treatments that will cause damage to your body hair.

How long does the procedure take?
Is hair transplant procedure done under general or local anesthesia?
Are hair transplantation operations painful?
Should I stop drinking before or after the operation?
Do I need to stop taking drugs that I regularly use before the operation?
What should I expect right after the operation?

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